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ارفع يدك فوق دائرة ودع لي حياتك
arfae yadak fawq dayirat wadae li hayatak ☠️

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ارفع يدك فوق دائرة ودع لي

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In the dark deep holes of the abyss that is the city of Dagger port. Sits a girl inverse entryway of an alley, and dressed to impress. She's waiting for something or rather she's hungry for something thick ,sticky ,and warm. Her name is Sugar pop.iu_236245_6943744.jpg

And it just so happens that she has a special surprise under her skirt. However in this day and age a trap is actually welcome in a city like this. No judgment in a place of sin.a perfect playground for someone who's a sexual slut of enticing propositions.

However she starts walking the dark streets, and it just so happens she comes across the man who seems to be in distress. Looking from across the street the Guy's girlfriend seems to be breaking up with him. In Sugar pops mine this is perfect. Nothing says quick sex like angry break up sex. She quickly walks over after the woman has left him alone.

Sugar pop does her best sexy catwalk just as he is turning around to face her. Immediately the guy is impressed, and he's not interested in wasting any time with the what-ifs.

The man picks up Sugar pop like a child's toy. Pretty easy given the fact that she weighs so little. How's the man carries her to a hotel she can hear his heart racing. This man is horny and he wants , no he needs to fuck.

They arrive at a hotel the man quickly pays they go up to the room and start their debauchery.iu_236246_6943744.jpg

Instantly the man whips out his massive cock, and quickly oils it up and rams it inside of her. Sugar pop is taking back from this but she understands and she lets him do whatever he wants. In her eyes she's just a long for the ride , and she's enjoying every sweet stroking moment of it

It starts to feel so good getting pounded ramming that long thick throbbing cock in and out. Starts to make her lose consciousness but almost. It becomes absolutely almost impossible to not want to come already. But as she stares up at the man he gives her the okay to relieve herself. Almost as if they were psychically linked to each other they know what's going to happen next.

Sugar pop rolls her eyes in the back of her head and let's herself go , and she cums exponentially harder than usual. The man starts coming as well filling up her insides and it going everywhere once it pops out.iu_236247_6943744.jpg

In the rare instance Sugar pop actually thinks to herself maybe I bit off more than I could chew. Because at this very moment she cannot move her legs nor her body or limbs. She's completely helpless, and the man seems to still be hard.

Quickly he Rams his giant cock inside of her again. And all she can do is sit there and enjoy and take it.



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