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ارفع يدك فوق دائرة ودع لي حياتك
arfae yadak fawq dayirat wadae li hayatak ☠️

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ارفع يدك فوق دائرة ودع لي

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Posted by Zemoru01 - 1 month ago


Narration 🖤

               Act 4

Running up the stairs and quickly get into the large doors of the cathedral , what's current determination showing brightly in her eyes. with the one desire to save everyone in the city of dagger Port . What how can someone was so innocent sockshare you're a city full of sin? How to repair a child light find a way to combat the endless Sea of darkness. When will have to ask themselves what could one innocent child?

But back to the subject at hand of quotes. As she walked into the cathedral as quietly as you can tiptoeing into not make a sound. Voice echoes out.

The elevation mother Svea 🌹 😊(peaceful) you are right my dear!*coming from behind one of the pillars a woman has blood red hair appears, and a white crown above her head smiling sweetly*you're much too loud to be sneaking my dear. Come now is time for the coronation

Chezza Litva ✝️😅(embarrassed)*quickly bow and puts her hand on her heart, as a sign of respect*I apologize mother Svea 🌹 bring disrespect to the House of his Excellency. I will do better next time to be here on the designated hour.* Stays kneeling down in a sign of repentance*

The elevation mother Svea 🌹 😉(impressed)

*She walks over to her and kneels down with her , and lifts up her head by her chin*my child you need not worry, for you are here now and that is what is important. Come it is time for your coronation*Stan's her up along with herself, and takes her by the hand and leads her to the bigger part of the cathedral*


In this holy of places when a person comes of age they are given a coronation ,before they go out into the citys. To go forth and bring people to the cathedral to be cleansed. So their sins can be wiped clean. Friends family ,associates ,come from all around to give gifts to the one who is having the coronation .to be an honest goodness sister of his Excellency to be registered as an official nun.

Once the person is pray over and good in the holy water. The person is now an instrument of his Excellency the one true deity. To being a nun is looked upon in the cross light cities, as a beacon of Hope and peace and prosperity.

But every story has a flip side to a coin and this is no different ☠️



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Wonder what the flipside is...

This is an ongoing story huh! Interesting. I'll catch up on the previous; look forward to the next part...

Oh you won't be disappointed